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Andrew Lindelof is the owner and operator of Platinum Floor Care, headquartered in Largo,  FL. This is a highly regarded carpet cleaning company in Pinellas County.  Andrew is IICRC certified.

Andrew was trained in the carpet cleaning business through many years of hands-on experience.  When it comes to providing expert carpet cleaning services, nothing takes the place of experience. Andrew began working in carpet cleaning 20 years ago and started Platinum Floor Care in 2007.

One of Andrew’s goals is to provide their Pinellas County clients with professional and affordable services.  They offer Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Marble Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration.  Andrew prides himself on using state of the art equipment, his turn around time and giving great customer care.


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Carpet Cleaning Belleair Bluffs FloridaAre you a homeowner who can’t seem to look the other way without juice spilling or animals grinding into your newly vacuumed carpet? Are you tired of pulling out the home vacuum that still leaves stains behind?

One consideration that is often overlooked with carpet cleaning is its positive effect on air quality. With most home vacuum cleaners, you only remove surface dirt and dust, giving a superficial clean. Experts agree that having your carpets professionally cleaned will vastly improve the air quality in your home and can improve the health of your family members.

Our professional carpet cleaning services target the deeply layered dirt and grime in your carpet fibers to eliminate unseen contaminants that affect the air quality in your home. Don’t take chances with the air you and your family breathe. Call Platinum Floor Care at 727-205-6677 today. When your carpets are clean and fresh, the look and feel of your entire home improve. Our professional cleaning experts can easily remove stains, pet dander, and deep-down dirt, no matter what carpeting material you have in your home.

Your carpeting is an integral part of your life. Your family walks on it, plays on it, and lives on it. That means it gets dirty and shows wear over time. Plus, carpets tend to collect contaminants like dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, and allergens. If you or anyone in your home is susceptible to breathing problems, the airborne particles in the carpet can increase and/or lead to breathing problems, such as asthma and allergies.


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